Ellen Olson-Brown

Ellen Olson-Brown, M.Ed., founded Friendly Yoga in 2012, inspired by the mounting scientific and anecdotal evidence that yoga and meditation help children reconnect with themselves and with the people and world around them in powerfully positive ways.

Friendly Yoga classes are a playful blend of quiet and active yoga games and activities, and simple meditation and relaxation exercises tailored to the ages, developmental needs, and interests of children in each class.

Ellen is a certified ChildLight Yoga instructor, and has also received training in Creative Relaxation Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs. She studies an eclectic mix of yoga and meditation techniques, and her teaching draws on what she finds fun and meaningful in her own practice as well as from her experiences as a classroom teacher, children’s book author, late-blooming artist, and parent. Ellen lives in Groton, MA, with her husband, twin teen sons, a friendly turtle named OrangeAde, and a silly Labrador retriever named Pickles, who does a very impressive “wagging downward dog” pose.